Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family

Choosing the Right Pet for Your Family

Choosing the right pet for your family isn’t that easy, we often think of a dog or a cat as a family pet but there are lots of different options.  Dogs or cats may not be the ideal pet if you live in an apartment, but some fish or a hamster could work very well.  There are lots of benefits to having a pet and it can teach your children empathy and responsibility.  There is a lot of work that goes into owning a pet even a goldfish, so let’s look at your options and see which pet works best for your family.

Getting a Dog

Dogs can be great pets, they offer unconditional love, they make great companions and they can help teach your kids compassion and care.  However, a dog particularly a puppy is a ton of work.  They need training, walks, food, vet care and they may not be ideal for every home.  Before getting a new puppy make sure you have the room and the time to look after it.  Here are some tips on training your puppy.

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Getting a Cat

Cats can be a great pet, they are cute and fluffy and are far less work than a dog.  Cats can be left home alone all day, they are cheaper to feed and training them to use the litter box is a piece of cake.  Cats also have claws and they will often decide to sharpen them on your furniture.  Cats will leave cat hair all over your house and many people have allergies to cats.

Small Animals

Small animals like guinea pigs or hamsters can be a great pet particularly where space is an issue.  Your child needs to be old enough to interact with the pet, you may want them to clean cages or feed their pet.  They also need to be old enough to realize that the hamster isn’t a toy and needs to be handled delicately.  Other pets like cats or terriers will not love your small animal so be wary of interactions.

Fish and Exotic Pets

Pets are incredibly easy for you to look after and goldfish are incredibly cheap.  More exotic fish can be costly with the special tanks and equipment that you need to keep them.  Exotic pets such as iguanas or snakes can be pretty cool pets but again you’re going to spend a fair deal on equipment.  Feeding exotic pets isn’t like feeding a cat or dog, you’re not getting food at the grocery store.  Exotic pets will eat mice or crickets so if you’re squeamish this may not be the pet for you.  Take the time to consider which pet will be best for your family and remember the level of care and commitment each type of pet is going to need.

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